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Cathedral Tile Photography Backdrop

Cathedral Tile Photography Backdrop

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Our Cathedral Tile backdrop is perfectly imperfect, just how we like it! This photo board has that old world charm, with warm, inviting colors that make the perfect backdrop for those earthy, artsy vibes.

Bubb Market Backdrops are made of smooth, rigid material that is lightweight, yet durable. They have a low-glare, matte appearance and are stain and scratch-resistant. The backdrops can be wiped down and reused over and over again.

Don't forget to grab a set of bubb backdrop stand, too, if you'd like to complete your "on the go" photo studio:

Bubb Backdrops really make your food and product photography POP! Whether you are a professional photographer, entrepreneur, or creator who wants to level up your look, we can help. Tell your story and grow your business with Bubb Backdrops!
Check the boards out in action on or @bubbmarket on Instagram.

Made in the USA.

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