Collection: Flip Side and Save | Double-sided Backdrops

We are always trying to find ways to give our customers more without sacrificing quality! We know how much fun the products, props, backdrops, and equipment are to work with. We also know that these items add up. And so we came up with our Flip Side Collection. These are 2-sided backdrops and unlike most 45 records, our B side is as great as our A side. We intentionally made selections that don't necessarily go together, since you won't be using them at the same time....but you can always pair them up with other sets or our single-sided backdrops and let your creativity run wild.

Like with our sets, we love coming up with our sets as a jumping off point, but if one doesn't speak to you, let us know via DM, email, or phone and we can swap it out.

Bubb Backdrops are made of 3 mm smooth rigid material that is lightweight, yet durable. They have a low-glare, matte appearance and are stain and scratch-resistant. The backdrops can be wiped down and reused over and over again. 

Proudly made in the USA!