About Us

Hi there,

My name is Claire Andrews, a self-deprecating entrepreneurial spirit who is obsessed with all thing’s business, learning, creating and the entrepreneurs’ journeys. Currently on the path of bettering myself, little by little, one day at a time.

We know how complicated the marketing and social media landscaping can be so we want to help boil it down to the basics so you can focus on your real passions as entrepreneurs, makers, and artists.

Bubb was inspired by fearless women in the workforce. Our goal is to ditch outdated business practices and break molds in order to reach fullest potential both personally and professionally. I am excited about supporting others and creating strategic partnerships. I am truly happy you are here and look forward to sharing ideas and tips to help you b u but better!

Some of my recent obsessions…..Gary Vee, Savers (aka thrifting), Half Baked Harvest, Diet Coke, walking, and investment real estate.