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How-To Become a Social Foodie Phenomenon

Lighting, pictures, and hashtags...Oh my! 

Just getting started? Or want to elevate your social media presence? I can assure you; you are in good hands! 

Social media can be a perplexing creature to understand at times, especially when we hear all these fancy words like algorithms, analytics, and engagement. Try not to get caught up in the mumbo jumbo. Social media is simple. It is interacting with other people through technology or digital media, hence the name social media. You can quickly share different forms of content (ex: photo, video) to express or communicate whatever you are trying to convey. We can simplify it even more and say it is sharing and exchanging information, a lot of it. And it is social, so it should foster a fun and sometimes even meaningful relationships.

OK — let’s get started! If you are here it is safe to say you are probably interested in food (well, who isn’t?!).

Becoming a social media sensation is no easy task, but if you follow a few simple guidelines you will be well on your way! 

Oh, and by the way, we’re so happy you’re here! 

  1. What is your niche? Food is so broad so try to narrow in on your strengths. Don’t be afraid, this is not meant box you in or limit creativity it just helps to establish focus. Are you an eloquent baker? A pit master? Fried food junkie? Sugar addict? Pizza lover? Brunch connoisseur? Sushi fanatic? Grill guy? Cast iron skillet expert? Cookie decorator? Carboholic? Aspiring mixologist? There are endless options, and everyone has different talents! Once you’ve established yours you can start to create your identity.
  1. What will your name/handle be?! Decisions, decisions... when naming your account make sure to be creative but also catchy. You will want your name to be memorable and be an attention getter. Some tips to keep in mind is choosing a name that is easy to pronounce, remember, and spell. Keep it short, and simple. Be authentic to yourself and make sure you love it, because your name will stick with you like white on rice. Quick tip- for consistency purposes before securing your name make sure it is available across several platforms (ex: social media, URL, etc.). Brainstorm for a while, coming up with a catchy name is so vital.
  1. Branding is big. It is important to separate yourself from the rest. How are you going to differentiate yourself? What will be the look or vibe of your content? These are a couple questions to think about. It may help you define your brand by including your purpose or “why” and mission. In essence, don’t give your audience the opportunity to guess, clearly explain and state who you are and what you do. Your voice is another essential piece. No one is interested in a boring page that doesn’t add any value. So, once you have developed your voice make sure to incorporate it throughout the copy you post. In other words, give your brand a personality. There are so many layers to branding so try not to overwhelm yourself, remember, baby steps. 
  1. Consistent, eye catching content is a must! Practice makes perfect so brush up on those photography skills! It is not a requirement to be an expert by any means and phones these days really do take excellent photos. Experiment with different lighting and angles, make sure the content you are putting out is high quality. Additionally, think before you post! Pay attention to how the background looks (that’s where we come to the rescue). So, work on pretty content, make it purposeful and intentional. Then come up with captions that are informative, helpful, and meaningful reminder: incorporate that voice like we talked about earlier. Another tip to keep in mind is that hashtags are your friend. Don’t hesitate, lay it on thick. This will help people to discover your page and increase interactions. Feel free to tag other accounts as well, it all contributes to the value of your page. 

Most importantly, have fun with this new venture. We all may not be where we want to be, but the journey is what it’s all about. Enjoy the now. We wish you luck & are here to help you succeed! 

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