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Gifting, Quarantine Style


Make someone's day this quarantine by sending a gift

Do you miss seeing your friends, going to parties, or just social interaction in general? Send something in the mail to let the important people in your life know you are thinking of them. Here are some ideas to get you thinking. 

  1. The Entertainer- Oh, the poor entertainer is really struggling at this time. Normally I would suggest something like marble wine coolers, stemware, gourmet cheese, wine . . . but with nobody to entertain, this just doesn’t fit the bill. Until we get back in the swing of things, we need to get creative. Puzzles, adult coloring books, subscriptions to something like Hulu, Spotify, even might help them fill the days until they can throw their next shindig!
  2. The Alcohol Lover- For your friends who love to drink (which makes it easy on you gift wise)! Order a cute set of two Moscow mule mugs and pair with a bottle of vodka or some ginger beer. If they are more traditional you can get stemless wine glasses with a bottle of wine, even add festive wine stoppers if you want to go above and beyond.
  3. The Chef- If you know someone who loves to cook, get a gift that will play on their strengths. One idea could be a plate or board that they can use to display an appetizer or cheese/charcuterie board. To pair with this gift you can add a cookbook or utensil that focuses on those type of dishes. Or, you can keep it simple with an apron.
  4. The Homemaker- This type of person is fun and easy to buy for, it’s okay to keep it simple and classic with your gift (remember it is the thought that counts). For the “homemaker” I would suggest a gift bag that includes a nice scented candle, decorative hand towels & soaps, or perhaps an apron or potholders. This is a gift is getting back to basics but can be personal in the theme or colors involved and will be sure to be appreciated.
  5. The Guys Guy- I personally find it harder buying for men, I am not sure why, I guess I don’t quite get them 😉. Anyways, if you are buying for him, you can buy a speaker because what guy doesn’t like playing music and there are always affordable options and constant deals running. You can also add accessories for grilling or a Yeti tumbler. If you are still stumped with a gift, I can guarantee a 6-pack of beer would not disappoint.

I hope this read has given you some guidance in the gift-giving department. Do not over think it, a nice gesture is all it is!

Stay Healthy Everyone!


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